Already sold - Rooftop of the Elbphilharmony
Already sold – Rooftop of the Elbphilharmony

Nothing new? A question I have heard a lot of times in the last months, and my answer is most of the time a bit desperate and a bit proud: No, but that does not mean that I am on vacation, it means that I am working hard on finishing paintings – but every time when I am near to finish one, somebody passes by and says: Hey that is exactly what I am looking for since years, I will take it please finish it. A moment after the next one went in, wants a painting similar like that one that is sold short before … and so on … Of course, this is a story for itself, but one that happens without that I show new paintings except that my lists of works grows continuously this year.

Already sold - Sakura session in green and gold
Already sold – Sakura session in green and gold

It is difficult to decide which stories worth to be told, is that one where an Irish guy waits to long to say yes and after that the painting was already sold to one who was faster, or is that of dentist who told me that his clients forget all the expected and real pain when they are get lost inside my paintings? When can we see you in an exhibition the next guy asks me and my answer is now always: Exhibition? Where should I take the paintings for it? In this moment, I have exactly two paintings, that I am working on, that are not already sold but as you feel in my answer: That could change any time. And at least I am convinced, that the best place for my paintings is on the wall of my clients and not in a gallery.

Already sold - Blue Hortensia
Already sold – Blue Hortensia

And yes, it is a comfortable situation for an artist to know, that nearly every painting will be sold and not to worry about how to survive the next day, week or month. So, it looks that there was still something left to be worth to be told and, as a new thing for me, I did it in English to satisfy the curiosity of my growing international fans and clients.