It is hard to share positive news in this horrible times, but I think it is more than important to keep, especially because of this things, the awareness for all the beauty of nature in the world. That was always source of my energy and I try to keep it, regardless of what happens aside, my paintings should give comfort to the people. When I moved from the inner city of Hamburg to the Baltic Sea two years ago, already expecting that the covid crisis will take more than everybody was thinking, I had not only a safe haven in mind, but also a plan that I tried to fulfil once in the future. Visitors in my studio in the HafenCity always ask me „Can we see your paintings some day in an exhibition?“ and my answer was always „Hey, maybe, but with which paintings?“.

Because of the time that one of my paintings need to be finished, I worked the last years mostly on commissions, even after moving to the countryside. But since nearly six months I stopped working on commissions, concentrating on my next „big thing“, an exhibition. Again, for me it is not easy to create enough works, my output is around 10-12 paintings a year, so preparing an exhibitions needs a lot time in advance to have enough paintings ready. This kind of project could not be possible in the city, for me the isolation was necessary to work concentrated.

To make it not too exciting: In November my first big single exhibition will take place and I am proud to announce that. As you can guess, my measures for a worthy gallery are high, not only because of the size of my paintings and I found a partner in a very special place, neither in Hamburg nor in Germany but a bit far away for those of you who would try to visit my exhibition. It will take place in Kuwait City, at the CAP – the contemporary art platform Kuwait – a mix of museum and gallery, with enough space for my paintings. They already own some of my works and asked me, because of that the people loves my artworks, if I am willing to create a set of artworks for an exhibition and of course I was glad, proud and honoured to say yes.

The Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) is dedicated to developing and supporting the arts in Kuwait and throughout the region and presented exhibitions of local, international, emerging and established artists through collective and thematic shows curated by Arab and international curators.

CAP offers workshops, seminars and weekly film screenings, artist talks and panel discussions in addition to the exhibitions and tours for school groups. The gallery also includes a public library and holds one of the largest collections of art books in Kuwait.

So, you see my now in a funny situation. Moving to the countryside – and a lot of people ask me, if I am sure that this is a good decision – enables me to work more international. It is a bit like the now famous home office. My husband Michael always says, when you are working in an international team, it does not matter where you are located. So now both of us working from the very northern part international, he with people from all over the world, me for the Middle East.

See you in Kuwait!