It is the time a little dream comes true. My first international exhibition starting soon at the Contemproary Art Platform Kuwait (CAP). One year work, the outcome is a broad set of my floral paintings, a number of my well known Sakura series, other blossoms from my beloved flowers and a brand new, never shown, series called “My Secret Garden”, powerful where my Sakura series calms down, again big, and something that I will continue the next time. In total 18 paintings made it to Kuwait, nine from the Sakura series, four from my Secret Garden and a couple of other blossoms. I never had such an amount of paintings at the same time available and organizing the transport was already a “fun” of itself.

Normally I am talking about one, maybe two paintings at the same time, now 18 at once and as an additional hurdle all via airfreight – I learned a lot what all can go wrong in terms of official paperwork. If I can make it to my own exhibition is still an open question but to know that for sure a lot of people will enjoy the exhibition satisfies me. More to come when the exhibition really starts.


God is good, and so is Nature, the divine agent, His agent. Man must follow the law of nature, which is the same as the law of reasons …


The Divine Agent